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Sailing By is the new album release by Derek Gifford, who has been singing folk songs for over 30 years and, since retirement from the 'day job', is now occupied as a full time folk performer. Apart from his many club and festival engagements Derek also gives talks and workshops on the music to a variety of audiences. He is a member of the committee of Folkus, the new north- west folk arts group, and is co-producer of the Lancashire Voices project dedicated to recording and archiving less well known Lancashire singers.

Sailing By is Derek's second maritime themed recording (the first was Mainly Maritime, released in 1996) and reflects his long-standing interest in and involvement with shanties and other salty songs.

On this recording, Derek is joined by fellow folk musicians Jayne Coyle (viola), Chris Harvey (keyboards and synth), Geoff Higginbottom (chorus), Keith Kendrick (chorus and concertina), Janet Hale and Alison Younger (vocals and chorus).

Derek, Geoff and Keith form the powerful maritime trio Three Sheets to the Wind and a sample of their full sound is found on the album track Goodbye to the Sea, written by the Stoke-based landlocked duo His Worship & the Pig.

The songs on this album reflect the gowing number of new sea songs being written. It includes works by well known writers such as Ron Shuttleworth (Shantymen Bold) and Bob Watson (Bosun's Chair) as well as from new writers like Joe Grundy (Old Stan), Sara Davis (Bright Star) and Chris Manners (Last Man Leaving). There are also a number of good old traditional songs including an arrangement of the classic Valliant Sailor and the rip-roaring Old Maui. All are delivered with the usual panache and enthusiasm in the inimitable Gifford style.