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CD sleeve not available
CD sleeve not available CD'S Release Noted - Issue 53

A.L. Lloyd - England and Her Traditional Songs (Fellside Recordings);
Alan Kelly - Mosaic (Tara Records);
Alan Prosser - Makerfield (Rafting Dog Records);
Alex Campbell
- Alex Campbell at the Tivoli Gardens (Storyville);
Alison McMorland & Geordie McIntyre
- Ballad Tree (The Tradition Bearers);
Alistair McCulloch
- Wired Up (Fellside Recordings);
Allan YN Y Fan
- Off the Map (OWN LABEL);
Aly Bain
- Down Home Recordings Compact Collection (Lismor Recordings);
Angus Lyon & Ruaridh Campbell - Simple Tricks (KRL);
Aoife Clancy
- Silvery Moon (Appleseed Recordings);
Back O' the Moon
- Fortune's Road (Tartan Tapes);
- Chaos In One (Green Man Productions);
Battlefield Band - The Best of Battlefield (Temple Records);
Belshazzar's Feast - The She Favourite (Wildgoose Studios);
Belshazzar's Feast
- Mr Kynaston's Famous Dance Vol 2 (Wildgoose Studios);
Ben Sands
- Better Already (Spring Records);
Bert Jansch
- It don't bother me (Castle Music Ltd);
Bert Jansch
- Edge of a Dream (Castle Music Ltd);
Bert Jansch
- Nicola (Castle Music Ltd);
Bert Jansch
- Bert Jansch (Castle Music Ltd);
Betsy Renals Sophie Legg Charlote Renals
- Catch Me if You Can (Veteran);
Bill Jones - Deleted in error find name (OWN LABEL);
Bill Jones
- Two Year Winter (OWN LABEL);
- Harp to Harp (OWN LABEL);
Blazin' Fiddles
- The Old Style (OWN LABEL);
Bob Fox
- Borrowed Moments (Topic Records);
Brandywine Bridge - An English Meadow (Cottage Records);
Brenda Stubbert
- Music All Round (OWN LABEL);
Brian Hinton and Geoff Wall - The Guv'nor & the Rise of Folk Rock (OWN LABEL);
Brian Lamond
- Out To Play (R.T. Shepherd & Son Recordings);
Bridget Guest & Roy Wilcock - Universal Chorus (OWN LABEL);
Bryan Sutton - Bluegrass Guitar (Sugar Hill Records);
Caledonia Catherdral
- Hymms For The Bagpipe (Bagpipes Of Caledonia);
Capercaillie - Choice Language (Vertical Records);
- Capercaillie Live in Concert (Survival Records);
Cara Dillon
- Sweet Liberty (Rough Trade Records);
Carmel Gunning
- Around St James' Well (OWN LABEL);
Celine Donoghue - Something Else (R2);
Chris Armstrong - X-Treme (Lochshore KRL);
Chris Ormston - Time Out Of Mind (Kyloe Records);
Chris Wood & Jean Francois Vrod
- Crossing (Ruf Records);
Christy O'Leary
- Songs Of Sweet Caress (Hard Danger Studio);
Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem
- The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem (Tradition);
Clive Gregson - Carousel of Noise (Fellside Recordings);
Clive Gregson
- Comfort and Joy (Fellside Recordings);
- Trad (Oxford Road Records);
- Covering our Tracks (Greentrax Recordings);
Colin Conneely
- The Last Irish Man (Sound Records);
Colin Irwin
- In Serch Of The Craic (Andre Deutsh);
Corrina Hewat - Corrina Hewat Scottish Harp (OWN LABEL);
Corrina Hewat
- My Favourite Place (Foot Stompin' Records);
- Changeling (Wildgoose Studios);
- The Pirates of Puirt (OWN LABEL);
Daisy Chapman
- Ythanside (Musical Traditions);
- A Richer Vein (OWN LABEL);
Dave Arthur - Return Journey (Wildgoose Studios);
Dave O'Flaherty
- The Sea Around Us (OWN LABEL);
Dave Swarbrick
- Lift the Lid and Listen (Storyville);
Dave Swarbrick
- Swarb! (Free Reed Music);
David Allison - Guitar Gi-Tar (KRL);
Davy Graham
- The Guitar Player (Castle Music Ltd);
- Face Cachee (MusTraDem);
Deirdre Collis
- Bosca Ceoil ();
- Spirit (Whirling Discs);
Dick Gaughan
- Prentice Piece (Greentrax Recordings);
Dingwall Gaelic Choir - Going Home (Highlander Music Ltd);
- Extra Bal (MusTraDem);
Donald Lindsay - To the Drum of the Sea (REL Records Ltd);
- Fairytale (Castle Music Ltd);
- What's Bin Did and What's Bin Hid (Castle Music Ltd);
- Road to Kingdom Come (Castle Music Ltd);
Dr Angus MacDonald
- A'Sireadh Spors (Temple Records);
Dr Faustus
- The First Cut (Fellside Recordings);
Dylan Fowler - Ffynnon Ofor (Acoustic Music Records);
- If Not Now (Topic Records);
Ed Miller - Many's the Fine Tale (Wellfield Records);
Eddi Reader
- Eddie Reader Sings the Songs of Robert B (Rough Trade Records);
Eddie Cass
- Room Room Ladies and Gentlemen (EFDSS);
Emily Slade - Fretless (Rustic Thorn Records);
Ennis Ceili Band - Ennis Ceili Band (Copperplate Distribution);
Enoch Kent
- I'm a Workin Chap (Second Avenue Records);
- Return to Me (OWN LABEL);
Fernhill - Hynt (BeJo Records);
- Ffynonn (Green Linnet);
Finlay MacNeill - Fonn is Forhan (Temple Records);
Four Men And A Dog - Maybe Tonight (Smallworld Music Recordings);
- Fourtold (Appleseed Recordings);
Frank McCourt, Rona Downey & Pan Moriga - Castles of Gold (Green Linnet);
Fraser Fifield
- Honest Water (OWN LABEL);
Fred Morrison
- Up South (KRL);
Fyrefly c/o Jane Clark - Fyrefly (OWN LABEL);
Gavin Maxwell
- Reviresco (Shielburn Associates);
George Deacon
- John Clare & the Folk Tradition (Francis Bouttle Publishers);
Gerry Harrington & Nancy Conescu
- The Fiddle, The Voice (OWN LABEL);
Gina Lefaux - Masquerades & Operas (OWN LABEL);
Give Way
- Full Steam Ahead (Greentrax Recordings);
Grada - Endeavour (OWN LABEL);
Gregory Campbell Alex Francis Rannie Mac
- Mabou Coal Mines (Rounder Records);
Grey Larsen & Paddy League
- Dark Of The Moon (OWN LABEL);
Hamish Henderson - A' The Bairns O Adam (Greentrax Recordings);
Hamish Munro
- Local Hero (Ross Records);
Harriet Earls
- Jumping Ahead (OWN LABEL);
Hen Party
- The Heart Gallery (Wildgoose Studios);
His Worship and the Pig
- St Derella's (no label);
Ian Bruce - The Naked Truth (OWN LABEL);
Ian Bruce & Victor Besch
- The Orange and the Rowan (OWN LABEL);
Ian Melrose
- A Scottish Legacy (OWN LABEL);
Jackie Daly
- Jackie Daly (Ossian Publications);
Jackson C. Frank
- Blues Run The Game (Castle Music Ltd);
James MacLean
- Land Of The Bent Grass (Champion Music);
James McColl & James Young
- Play The Pipes (Falconer Records);
Janet Weatherston - The Auld Roguey (Ruglen Records Company);
Jenny Crook & Henry Sears
- Chasing the Dawn (OWN LABEL);
Jesse Smith
- Jesse Smith (OWN LABEL);
Jez Lowe & The Bad Pennies
- The Parish Notices (Tantobie Records);
- The Drift (OWN LABEL);
Jim & Lynette Eldon
- Fiddle & Song (Stick Recordings);
Jim Mackillop
- The Road from Ballybrack (Sound Records);
Jim Malcolm
- Home (OWN LABEL);
Jim Moray
- Sweet England (OWN LABEL);
Joe Rae - The Broom Blooms Bonny (Musical Traditions);
Joe Stead
- Hearts On Fire (A Private Label);
John A Gillis Willie kennedy Allan MacDo
- The Rover's Return (Rounder Records);
John Cairns
- Double Gold (Highlander Music Ltd);
John Cocking
- Uppards (Veteran);
John Kirkpatrick
- Carrick's Delight (;
John Kirkpatrick
- English Choice (;
John Kirkpatrick
- Orlando's Return (;
John Regan - The Slopes of Benbulben ();
John Renbourn
- The Transatlantic Anthology (Castle Music Ltd);
John Renbourn
- The Lady And The Unicorn (Castle Music Ltd);
John Renbourn - Faro Annie (Castle Music Ltd);
John Renbourn - Light Flight (Castle Music Ltd);
John Spiers & Jon Boden
- Bellow (Fellside Recordings);
Jon Harvison - Lonely as the Moon (Drive On Records);
Josephine Keegan
- The Keegan's Tunes (OWN LABEL);
Julie Murphy - Lilac Tree (BeJo Records);
June Tabor
- The Definitive Collection (High Point Recordings);
June Tabor
- An Echo of Hooves (Topic Records);
K Rusby & John McCusker
- Heartlands (Pure Records);
Karan Casey
- Distant Shore (Vertical Records);
Karen Matheson
- Time to Fall (Sanctuary Records Group);
Kate Howden, Paul Jones & Tony Taffinder - Room to Breathe (OWN LABEL);
Kate Rusby - Underneath the Stars (Pure Records);
Kathleen Loughnane
- Harping On (OWN LABEL);
Kerenza - Totally Hammered (Wragg Music);
- Not To Scale (ADA Music);
Kieran Halpin - Back Smiling Again (OWN LABEL);
Kieron Means
- Run Mountain (The Tradition Bearers);
Kimber's Men - See you when the sun goes down (OWN LABEL);
Last Night's Fun - Dubh (ADA Music);
LIam Clancy, Tommy Makem Family & Friend - The Lark in the Morning (Tradition);
Liam Farrell & Joe Whelan
- They Sailed Away from Dublin Bay (Veteran);
Little Johnny England
- Mercs & Cherokees (Fellside Recordings);
Lunasa - Redwood (Green Linnet);
Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner
- Parallel (OWN LABEL);
Maddy Prior - Lionhearts (Park Records);
Magenta - Canterbury Moon (Cottage Records);
Mairi MacInnes - Tickety Boo (Greentrax Recordings);
Mairtin Pheaits - Traditional Songs from Connemara (Clo Iar-Chonnachta);
Margaret Walters & John Warner - Power In A Song (Feathers & Wedge);
Mark Colgan
- Begone Dull Care (OWN LABEL);
Martin Carthy - The Definitive Collection (High Point Recordings);
Martin Simpson
- Righteousness & Humidity (Topic Records);
Mary Custy & Quentin Cooper
- Barr Tra (OWN LABEL);
Mary Humphreys & Anahata
- Sharp Practice (Wildgoose Studios);
Mary Rafferty
- Hand Me Downs (OWN LABEL);
Mary Story
- From the Heart (OWN LABEL);
Matt Muir - The Day Returns (OWN LABEL);
McBain's Scottish Country Dance Band - Basingstoke Ball Live 1971 (Highlander Music Ltd);
McDermott's 2 Hours v Levellers
- Claws & Wings (OWN LABEL);
Meaiti Jo Sheamuis O Fatharta
- Boithrini An Lochain (Clo Iar-Chonnachta);
Mean Time
- The Natives are friendly (Watercolour Music);
- Prime (Harbourtown Records);
Michael Gray - Song and Dance Man III The Art of Bob D (Continuum Publishing);
Michael Smith Anne Hills Steve Gillette - Fourtold (Appleseed Recordings);
Michael Snow
- Never Say No To A Jar (Irish Eye Records);
Mick Ryan - The Song Book (OWN LABEL);
Mike Yates Collection
- Up in the North and Down in the South (Musical Traditions);
Mirella Murray & Tola Custy
- Three Sunsets (OWN LABEL);
Natalie MacMaster
- Fit As A Fiddle (not known);
Natalie MacMaster
- Live (Greentrax Recordings);
Neil & Duncan Johnstone & Rab Wallace
- Bows and Drones (OWN LABEL);
Neil Mulligan
- An Tobar Gle (Spring Records);
Nigel Eaton - Pandemonium (BeJo Records);
North Cregg - Summer At My Feet (Greentrax Recordings);
Notts. Alliance
- Nothing Spoken (RMB/Vienna Records);
- Live In Christchurch (KRL);
Oisin MacDiamada
- On the Fiddle (OWN LABEL);
Old Blind Dogs
- The Gab o Mey (Green Linnet);
Padraic O'Reilly
- Down the Ivory Stairs (Copperplate Distribution);
Pat McNulty
- Piping Hot (OWN LABEL);
Patsy Reid - With Compliments (OWN LABEL);
Paul McGrattan - Keelwest (Hare's Ear Music Publications);
Pauline Cato,Tom McConville,Terry Docher
- The Great Northern Roadshow (Tomcat Music);
Pete Castle
- The Outlandish Knight (Steel Carpet Music);
Pete Castle
- Tapping at the Blind (Steel Carpet Music);
Pete Clark & The Niel Gow Ensemble
- Sycamore (OWN LABEL);
Pete Cooper & Richard Bolton
- Turning Point (OWN LABEL);
Pete Oakley - Long Shadows (OWN LABEL);
Phil Tanner - The Gower Nightingale (Veteran);
Ralph McTell - The Best of Ralph McTell (Castle Music Ltd);
Random - Deviation (Wildgoose Studios);
Ray Andrews
- Classic English Banjo (Musical Traditions);
Rob Murch - Still Fretting (Veteran);
Robb Johnson
- The Triumph of Hope over Experience (Irregular Records);
Robin Laing - The Water of Life (Greentrax Recordings);
Rock, Salt & Nails
- Midnight Rain (Park Records);
Roddy MacDonald
- Good Drying (Greentrax Recordings);
Roy Bailey MBE - Up the Wooden Hill (Fuse Records);
Roy Palmer
- Boxing the Compass (Herron Publishing);
RSAMD Students
- No 1 Scottish (OWN LABEL);
- Proterra (Ridge Records);
Salsa Celtica
- El Agua De La Vida (Greentrax Recordings);
Sarah Graves - Black Boxes (OWN LABEL);
Scott Harvey Ceilidh Band
- Scotlands Music (OWN LABEL);
Seamus Ennis
- The Bonny Bunch of Roses (Tradition);
Seamus Heaney & Liam O'Flynn
- The Piper and the Poet (Claddagh Records);
Seamus Quinn & Gary Hastings
- Stories To Tell (Clo Iar-Chonnachta);
Sean Keane
- New Sean Keane (OWN LABEL);
Session A9 - What Road (OWN LABEL);
- Seven Evenings, Seven Mornings (Wild Boar Music);
Sharon Shannon
- Libertango (Independent Records);
Sheila Garry & Brid Cranitch - Irish Session Tunes - The Blue CD (Ossian Publications);
Sheila Garry & Brid Cranitch
- Irish Session Tunes - The Blue Book (Ossian Publications);
Sheila Garry & Brid Cranitch
- Irish Session Tunes - The Orange Book (Ossian Publications);
Sheila Garry & Brid Cranitch
- Irish Session Tunes - The Orange CD (Ossian Publications);
- The Rolling Waves (Hardstone Records);
Shooglenifty - The Arms Dealers Daughter (Shoogle Records);
Simon Haworth - Taking Routes (Fellside Recordings);
Slide - Downhill All The Way (Slipjig Music);
Steeleye Span - The lark in The Morning (Sanctuary Records Group);
Steeleye Span
- Present (Park Records);
Steve Lawrence
- Standing Alone (KRL);
Steve Roud Eddie Upton Malcolm Taylor
- Still Growing (EFDSS);
Steve Tilston
- Such & Such (Market Square Music Ltd);
Sue Harris - Pastorela (BeJo Records);
Susan Songer
- REUSEtland Collection (OWN LABEL);
Sussex 1960
- Just Another Saturday Night (Musical Traditions);
Terry Yarnell
- A Bonny Bunch (The Tradition Bearers);
The Fagans - Turning Five (Fagans Music);
The Hosepipe Band
- Hell's Bells (K M Records);
The Hush
- Dark to the Skye (OWN LABEL);
The Ian Campbell Folk Group
- Ian Campbell Folk Group "Live" (Storyville);
The London Lasses - Track Across The Deep (Copperplate Distribution);
The McCarthys - The Family Album (Maree Music);
The New Scorpion Band
- Songs and Music of the Napoleonic Wars (OWN LABEL);
The New Scorpion Band
- The Carnal and the Crane (OWN LABEL);
The Oldham Tinkers
- Best Of Bunch (Wooden Hill Recordings);
The Oldham Tinkers
- Sit Thee Down (Wooden Hill Recordings);
The Picts - Moving Sounds (OWN LABEL);
The Poozies
- Changed Days, Same Roots (Greentrax Recordings);
The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra - Serenity (REL Records Ltd);
The Tap Room Trio
- The Tap Room Trio (Claddagh Records);
The Witches of Elswick
- Out Of Bed (Fellside Recordings);
Tim Hart & Maddy Prior
- Heydays (Sanctuary Records Group);
Tom & Barbara Brown
- Prevailing Winds (Wildgoose Studios);
Tommy Peoples - Waiting for a Call (Shanachie Records);
Tourth - Toruth (Fflach Tradd);
Various Artists
- A Catalogue Sampler (Musical Traditions);
Various Artists - Scotland The Real (Smithsonian Folkways Recordings);
Various Artists
- Celtic Sprit (KRL);
Various Artists
- American Roots the essential album (Union Square Music);
Various Artists
- Wooden Flute Obsession (International Traditional Music Society);
Various Artists - Highlands Glens & Northern Shores (Ross Records);
Various Artists
- Thinking Out Loud (Bedspring Records);
Various Artists
- Nine Times Two (Irregular Records);
Various Artists - Claddagh's Choice Vol I (Claddagh Records);
Various Artists
- Direct Roots (Mrs Casey Records);
Various Artists - Borderers (Kyloe Records);
Various Artists
- Fanfare for the South West (Fellside Recordings);
Various Artists - The Defintive Collection (High Point Recordings);
Various Artists - Accordeons Bretonne Attitude (Keltia Musique);
Various Artists
- From Puck to Appleby (Musical Traditions);
Various Artists
- The portaits And The Music (Temple Records);
Various Artists
- Here's Luck to a Man (Musical Traditions);
Various Artists - Lochshiel (Miraculous Productions Ltd);
Various Artists
- Violin Owner's Manual (Souvenir Press Ltd);
Various Artists - The Century's People (Fylde Folk Festival);
Various Artists
- Beginner's Guide to Folk Music (Nascente);
Various Artists
- Appalachians (Rough Guide to Music of the World);
Various Artists
- Celtic Mystery (ARC Music);
Various Artists
- Women in Folk (Park Records);
Various Artists
- Let Scotland Flourish (Foot Stompin' Records);
Various Artists
- The Set (Ossian Publications);
Wendy Stewart - Standing Wave (Greentrax Recordings);
Wendy Weatherby
- Two Loves (KRL);
Winifred Noran
- Just one Wish (Shanachie Records);
- Not Enough Shouting (OWN LABEL);

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