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The Living Tradition Issue 04
Featured in this issue -

  • Editorial - The Respect it Deserves
  • Aly Bain & Phil Cunningham
  • Am Bron Binn - King Arthur in the Western Isles
  • Ken Woolard
  • From an English Bothy
  • Fly on the Wall - Keith Hancock

Reviews - Issue Number 04

Rock Salt & Nails - Waves
The First Of My Rambles
The Sands Family - Collection
Sid Kipper - Like A Rinestone Plughboy
The Kathryn Tickell Band - Signs
Eric Bogle - Mirrors
Various Artists - Waulking Songs From Barra
Tom Anderson & Aly Bain - The Silver Bow / Fiddle Music Of Shetland
Cherish The Ladies - Out And About
Aly Bain - First Album
Mac Talla - Mairidh Gaol Is Ceol