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The Living Tradition Issue 13
Featured in this issue -

  • Editorial - Folk Clubs & Young People
  • Riverdance - Bill Whelan
  • Bill Cadick, Nomos
  • Is the Tradition Living 3
  • RTE - Records, Television
  • Everything
  • The Old Swan Band, Living on Air - Radio Feature

Reviews - Issue Number 13

Garva - Sweet Liberty
Various Artists - The Lark In The Clear Air
Cordelia's Dad - Comet
Maire Breathnach - The Voyage Of Bran
Home Service - Wild Life
The Etchingham Steam Band - The Etchingham Steam Band
Battlefield Band - Threads
Mick West Band - Fine Flowers & Foolish Glances
Hom Bru - Rowin Foula Doon
Paddy Glackin & Robbie Hannan - Seidean Si
Chris Sherburn & Denny Bartley - Last Night Fun
Bert Jansch - Moonshine
John McCusker - John McCusker
Carl Hession - Old Time New Time
Real Time - RealTime
Margaret Walters & John Warner - Pithead In The Fern
Dave Goulder - Stone, Steam & Starlings
The Alan Bell Band - With Bread & Fishes
Skip Gorman - A Greener Prairie
Various Artists - The Music And Song Of Edinburgh
The Old Swan Band - Still Swanning After All These Years
Michael Raven & Joan Mills - Recital
Noel Shine & Mary Greene - The Land You Love The Best
Brian O'hEadhra & Aimee Leonard - Saoirse
The Old Triumph Band - A Bit Of A Knees Up
William Jackson - Inchcolm
Simon Thoumire - Exhibit A
Sisters Unlimited - No Bed of Roses
Ian F Benzie - So Far
Small Talk - Smalltalk