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The Living Tradition Issue 14

Featured in this issue -

Reviews - Issue Number 14

Loyko - Live In Concert
Tartan Amoebas - Imaginary Tartan Menagerie
Ash Plant - AshPlant Selected Recordings 1985 - 1995
Hamish Imlach - Sonny's Dream
Pete Castle - False Waters
Liam O' Flynn - The Given Note
Bayou Seco - Following In The Tuneprints
Show Of Hands - Lie Of The Land
SIN E - Sin E
Old Blind Dogs - Legacy
Maggie Holland - By Heart
Dezi Donnelly & Mike McGoldrick - Champions Of The North
Ron Kavana - Galway To Graceland
Various Artists - Folk Songs Of North East Scotland
Rosie Davis & Rick Townend - Make The Old Times New
Donald Black - Westwinds
Grace Notes - Down Falls The Day
Ian Robb - From Different Angls