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The Living Tradition Issue 19
Featured in this issue -

Reviews - Issue Number 19

De Dannan - Hibernian Rhapsody
Barry Dransfield - Wings Of The Sphinx
Bernie Parry - Man Of The Earth
The Young Tradition - So Cheerfully Round & Yound Tradition
Sally Barker - Favourite Dish
Coope Boys & Simpson - Falling Slowly
Dave Whetstone - The Resolution
Fernhill - Ca' Nos
Jed Grimes & Stuart Hardy - The Rocky Shore
Rod Paterson - Songs From the Bottom Drawer
Various Artists - The Widow's Uniform
Will Duke & Dan Quinn - Wild Boys
Cherish The Ladies - New Day Dawning
The Tannahill Weavers - Leaving St, Kitda
Brian Peters - Sharper Than The Thorn
Sileas - Play On Light
Barbara & Gordon Mooney - One For The Birds
Adam McNaughtan - Last Stand At Mt Florida
Robert Wallace - Breakout
Four Men And A Dog - Long Roads
Tabache - Are You Willing
The Occasionals - Back In Step
The Cast - Colours Of Lichen
The New House Band - Rockall
New Celeste - It's A New Day
Cusan Tan - The Ridge
Jock Duncan - Ye Shine Whar Ye Stan
Llan De Cubel - Llan De Cubel IV
Brian McNeill & Iain Mackintosh - Stage By Stage
Micho Russell - Irelands Whistling Ambassador
Joe Ryan - An Buachaill Oreoite