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The Living Tradition Issue 26
Featured in this issue -

Reviews - Issue Number 26

Ed Miller - The Edinburgh Rambler
The Wilson Family - Stocking Tops
Coope, Boyes & Simpson - Passchendale Suite
Artisan - Our Back Yard
The Four Star Trio - The Square Triangle
Equation - Hazy Daze
Phonix - Ubrud
Martin & Christine Dowling & D. Sproule - A Thousand Farewells
Richard Thompson - Small Town Romance
Fiona Driver - The Orkney Fiddler
Enda Kenny - Six Of One
JCB With Jerry Holland - A Trip To Cape Breton
Iron Horse - Demons & Lovers
Chris Armstrong - Notes In Ma Heid
Savourna Stevenson & Davy Spillane - Calman The Dove
The Metric Foot Band - A Good Kicking
Paul Anderson - The Journey Home
Various Artists - The Piping Concert
Deaf Shepherd - Synergy
Various Artists - The Mysteries
Various Artists - Warmer For The Spark
Ian Giles - The Amber Triangle
Jennifer & Hazel Wrigley - Huldreland
Show Of Hands - Dark Fields
John Roberts & Tony Barrand - Dark Ships In The Forest
Langlinken - Lyst
Fergie MacDonald - The 21st Album
Various Artists - Celtic Colours Int Festival
At The Racket - At The Racket
Patrick Street - Made In Cork
Eileen Ivers - The Eileen Ivers Collection
Martyn Bennett - Bothy Culture
Willie Hunter & Violet Tulloch - The Willie Hunter Sessions
Dervish - Live At Palma
Roy Harris - The Rambling Soldier
Tommy Hayes - A Room In The North
Corner House - Caught Up
John Paul Cormier - Another Morning
Gay McKeown - Irish Piping Tradition
Nomos - Set You Free
Mad Pudding - Rattle On The Stovepipe