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The Living Tradition Issue 32
Featured in this issue -

Reviews - Issue Number 32

John Kirkpatrick - One Man & His Box
Tabache - Waves Of Rush
Waz! - Fully Chromatic
Sian Phillips - Gramundus
Seize The Day - It's Your Life
Lucky Bags - Delight In Disorder
Danny Kyle - Heroes & Soft Targets
Joyce's Folly - Over The Waterfall
Various Artists - Transatlantic Sessions 2 Vol 1
Various Artists - Transatlantic Sessions 2 Vol 2
The Hudson Swan Band - Flyte Of Fancy
Pete Morton - Trespass
Jennifer Rowland - Dedication
Fiddler's Bid - Hamnataing
Sara Grey - Back In The Airly Days
Da Fustra - Da Fustra Strikes Again
Solas - The Words That Remain
Keep It Up - Keep It Up
Simon Thoumire - Celtic Connections Suite
Bob Hart - A Broadside
Various Artists - A Century Of Song
Fiona Davidson - The Language Of The Birds
Rob MacKillop - Flowers Of The Forest
Madigan - Uncorked