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The Living Tradition Issue 39

Reviews - Issue Number 39

Providence - Providence
cMc - Snap And Roll
Charlie Piggott & Gerry Harrington - The New Road
Jack Evans - Once Upon A Time In The North
John Tams - Unity
Christine Kydd - Dark Pearls
Liz Doherty & Fiddlesticks - Racket In The Record
Lester Simpson - One
Farnhill - Whilla
Farport Convention - The Wood & The Wife
Various Artists - Bothy Songs & Ballads Of North East Scotland Vol 2
Roy Hendrie & His Scottish Dance Band - Scottish Dances Vol 2
Jsd Band - Jsd Band
Howie Macdonald - Way 2 Keilidh
The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra - The Fiddler's Dream
Tryckster - When The Stone Is Exposed
Damien Barber - The Furrowed Field
Gordon Tyrrall - So Ive Heard
Graham O'Callaghan - In This Heart
Isla St Clair - Royal Lovers & Scandals
Isla St Clair - Murder & Mayhem
Bill Jones - Turn To Me
Various Artists - Between The Tay & The Forth
Sandra Kerr - Yellow, Red & Gold
Sandra Kerr & John Fulkner - Bagpuss
Mike Raven - Gypsy English
Frankie Armstrong - Lovely On The Water
Various Artists - The Rough Guide
The Savoy Doucet Cajun Band - Sam's Big Rooster
Adam McNaughtan - The Words I Used To Know
Sally Horner - Peculiar Flowers