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The Living Tradition Issue 40

Reviews - Issue Number 40

John Mccusker - Yella hoose
Various Artists - Good Old Boys
Blazin Fiddles - Fire On
Donal Lunny - Journey / The Best Of Donal Lunny
Robb Johnson - Margart Thatcher / My Part In Hir Downfall
Alistair McCulloch - Highly Strung
Cathal McConnell - Long Expectant Comes At Last
Buddy MacMaster - The Judique Flyer
Brian McNamara - A Pipers Dream
Rod Paterson - Up To Date
Macalias - Highwired
Simon Thoumire - Solo1
John Wright - A Few Short Lines
Kevin Rowsome - The Rowsome Tradition
Cran - Lover's Ghost
Various Artists - Harps Pipes & Fiddles
Skelbo - Skelbo
Calasaig - Making For The Shore
Show Of Hands - Covers
Cuig - Prospect
Tom & Barbara Brown - Where Unber Flows
Mark Bazeley & Jason Rice - Moor Music
Xim - 989
Peta Webb & Ken Hall - As Close As Can Be
The Albion Dance Band - The Prospect Before Us
Semus Ennis - Forty Years Of Irish Piping
Rod Shearman - Off To Sea Again
Belshazzar's Feast - Mr Kynaston's Famous Dance
Dalta - The Silver Stand
Rory Mcleod - Mouth To Mouth
Jane Clark - Fiddler
Various Artists - Cumar
Colcannon - Corvus
Mundy Turner - Naked
Lia Luachra - Lia Lachra
Lia Luachra - Traffic
Alison Younger - Blythe & Bonny
Various Artists - Nua Teorainn
Iona - Open Sky