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The Living Tradition Issue 47
Featured in this issue -
  • Chris Coe
  • Louis Killen
  • Lasair Dhe - The Flame of God
  • Jimmy Crowley
  • Alistair Russell
  • The Ballad Series - "Elfin Knight"
  • Festival Listings 2002

Reviews - Issue Number 47

Ian F Benzie - I'se the B'y
Burke, Cunningham & Lemaitre - Rendezvous
Roy Clinging - An Honest Working Man
Johnny B Connolly - bridgetown
Deaf Shepherd - Even in the Rain
Drinkers Drouth with Davy Steele - A Tribute
Fiddlers' Bid - Da Farder Ben Da Welcomer
Bob Fox - Dreams Never Leave You
Frankie Gavin - Fierce Traditional
Phamie Gow - Lammermuir
Michael Grey - Shambolica
Nick Keir - Rumours Of Snow
Norman Kennedy - Live in Scotland
Mike Nicholson - Stone by Stone
Pipedown - The First Measure
Roger The Badger - Snout
Grace Toland, Jim MacFarland, Antaine - Where Linnets Sing
Anders Trabjerg - Boxed
Various Artists - This Label is Not Removeable
Various Artists - Raise Your Banners
John Williams - Steam