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The Living Tradition Issue 50
Featured in this issue -
  • Chris Foster - One of the leading singers of the folk revival looks at his career and the current scene from a new perspective.
  • Fraser Fifield - Stretching the boundaries from pipes to sax - an insight into the work of Fraser Fifield, one time member of 'Old Blind Dogs'.
  • Sara Grey & Kieron Means - It's clearly an ongoing tradition - Sara Grey has a lot to say about the links between British and North American traditions and the music of her son, Kieron Means shows that traditions do run in the family.
  • Roy Bailey - on children's songs- Roy gives his opinions on the value of songs for children and some background to his own writing.
  • Pat McNulty- a feature on a leading light of the 'old school' of Irish piping.
  • Paddy Glackin - Bothy Band fiddler, Paddy Glackin has some interesting views on the current state of traditional music.
  • The Ballad in Inishowen - 'Singers Circles' are nurturing the song tradition in Ireland, Inishowen has a special place in the calendar for lovers of traditionla song.
  • Geordie - Ballad Feature - Part 2 of the feature in our Ballad Series on 'Geordie - Child #209' by Nick Caffrey
  • The Flowers of the Forest- background to this famous song by Steve McGrail
  • The Pipeline - An insiders look at the piping scene by Chris Mackenzie
  • Opinion - Who follows on? - Comments on change and sustainability of long established events.
  • Live Reviews - of a dozen or more festivals and concerts.

Reviews - Issue Number 50

Battlefield Band - Time & Tide
Jack Beck - Oh Lassie Lassie
Brendan Begley - It Could Be a Good Yet!
Eric Bogle - The Colour of Dreams
Broderick - Cortanze Castle
Ronan Browne & Peter O'Loughlin - Touch Me if You dare
Bill Caddick - Unicorns
Eliza Carthy - Anglicana
The Chieftains - The Wide World Over
Jenny Crook & Henry Sears - Chasing the Dawn
Mirella Murray & Tola Custy - Three Sunsets
Karen Tweed & Andy Cutting - One Roof Under
The Demon Barbers - Uncut
Donovan - What's Bin Did and What's Bin Hid
Donovan - Fairytale
Dordan - Road to Kingdom Come
Emily Smith Band - A Day Like Today
Fine Friday - Gone Dancing
Flook! - Rubai
Dermot Hyde and Tom Hake - Pipeline
Emily Weygang & Ben Harker - Emily Weygang & Ben Harker
Bert Jansch - The Ornament Tree
Bert Jansch - Moonshine
Bert Jansch - Down Under
Tony Kendall - Fairlop Fair
Last Night's Fun - Dubh
Charlie Lennon & Johny Og Connolly - Dusk Til Dawn
Maurice Lennon - Brian Boru The High King of Tara
Malinky - 3 Ravens
The McCalmans - Where the Sky Meets the Sea
Danny & Joyce McLeod - Never a Cross Word
Ralph McTell - The Best of Ralph McTell
Mairtin O'Connor - The Road West
Patterson, Jordan, Dipper - Flat Earth
Real Time - Real Time
John Renbourn - Light Flight
John Renbourn - The Transatlantic Anthology
Stanley Robertson - Travellers' Tales Volume 2
James Scott Skinner - The Strathspey King
John Tams - Home
Jane & Amanda Threlfall - Gown of Green
Various Artists - American Roots the essential album
Various Artists - The King Has Landed
Various Artists - Border Sangsters
Various Artists - Bah Humbug
Various Artists - Seasons, Ceremonies and Rituals
Various Artists - Enlist for a Soldier
Waterson:Carthy - A Dark Light
Duncan Williamson - Travellers' Tales Volume 1
Kibride - Sidan