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The Living Tradition Issue 54
Featured in this issue -
  • Karine Polwart
  • Grey Larsen: Essential Flute & Whistle Guide
  • Bayou Seco
  • Paul Anderson
  • Ian Melrose
  • Celtic Connections Education

Reviews - Issue Number 54

Kate Rusby - Underneath the Stars
Hamish Henderson Tribute Album - A' The Bairns O' Adam
Bob Fox - Borrowed Moments
Dr Faustus - The First Cut
Alison McMorland & Geordie McIntyre - Ballad Tree
Nancy Conescu &Gerry Harrington - The Fiddle The Voice
Finest Kind - Silks & Spices
Fred Morrison & Jamie Mcmenemy - Up South
Show Of Hands - Country Life
Cara Dillon - Sweet Liberty
June Tabor - An Echo Of Hooves
Lúnasa - Redwood
Emily Slade - Fretless
Chris Armstrong - X-Treme
Roddy (R.S) Macdonald - Good Drying
Ben Sands - Better Already
Shooglenifty - The Arms Dealer's Daughter
Various Artistes - The Portraits And The Music
John Kirkpatrick Book - English Choice
John Kirkpatrick - CD Orlando's Return

John Kirkpatrick - CD Garrick's Delight
Bruce Macgregor - Loch Ness
Kerfuffle - Not To Scale
Various Artistes - Guide Cats For The Blind
The Tannahill Weavers - Arnish Light
Dave O'flaherty - The Sea Around Us
Martin Simpson - Righteousness And Humidity
Mel Howley, Sheila Garry & Brid Cranitch - Irish Session Tunes Blue CD
Mel Howley, Sheila Garry & Brid Cranitch - Irish Session Tunes Orange CD
Crucible - Changeling
Toreth - Toreth
Natalie Macmaster - Blueprint
Maggie Holland - Circle Of Light
Patricia Flynn - Stray Leaves
E2k - If Not Now
Alistair Mcculloch - Wired Up
Terry Yarnell - A Bonny Bunch
Various Artists - Irish Songs From Old New England
Neil Mulligan - An Tobar Glé
Chris Ormston - Time Out Of Mind
Slide - Downhill All The Way
Steve Tilston - Such And Such
Pete Morton - Swarthmoor
Cyril Ó Donoghue - Nothing But A Child
The Witches Of Elswick - Out Of Bed
Christy O'leary & Bert Deivert - Song's Sweet Caress
Rob Murch - Still Fretting - English Banjo Music
Leon Rosselson's Book - Turning Silence Into Song
Matt Mcginn - The Best Of Matt Mcginn Volume 2
Ian Walker - Beats Of The Heart

Issue 54 Web Reviews
Dick Gaughan - Prentice Piece
Tim Hart & Maddy Prior - Heydays
Steve Tilston - Life By Misadventure
The Oldham Tinkers - Best O't' Bunch
Steeleye Span - The Lark In The Morning
Davy Graham - The Guitar Player
John Renbourn - The Lady And The Unicorn