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The Living Tradition Issue 56
Pete Coe
Pete Morton
Emily Smith
Chris Stout
Folk Archive Resource North East
- English Traditons Online
Hidden Fermanagh - Music & Song Treasure Revealed
Grey Larsen's Irish Tune Bank - Session Tune Tutorial
Festival Listings - May To December 2004
Newsfest - Focus On 10 Festivals Through June & July

Reviews - Issue Number 56

Battlefield Band - Out For The Night
Peter Bellamy & Various Artists - The Transports
Brass Monkey - Flame Of Fire
Johnny Coppin - Keep the Flame
Fiona MacKenzie & Arthur Cormack - Seinn! O Ho Ro Seinn!
Fairport Convention - The Cropredy Box
Bill Whaley & Dave Fletcher - Less Sprightly
Chris Foster - Jewels
Jed Grimes - Head On
Hom Bru - No Afore Time
The Iron Horse - The Wild Shall Blow For Evermore
Brendan Bulger, Matrty Fahey & Kathleen Gavin - Music At The House
Kila - Luna Park
Benji Kirkpatrick - Half A Fruit Pie
Last Night's Fun - Tempered
Lunasa - The Kinnitty Sessions
Finlay MacDonald Band - Pressed for Time
Donal Maguire - The Star Of Sunday Well
Meridian - Prime
Mick Mulvey - Within A Mile O'Jamestown
David Munnelly - By Heck
Various Artists - The Hardy Sons Of Dan
While & Matthews Band - Perfect Mistake

Issue Number 56 Web Reviews
Meabh O'Hare & Conor Byrne - Bavan
Mark Evans - Rival Heart
Sgoil Chiuil Na Gaidhealtachd - Now That's What I Ceol Music!
Le Gop - The Bourree
Shona Kipling & Damien O'Kane - Pure Chance
Dean Owens - My Town
Tim Dallings & Ian Carr, Neil Harland - Blossom
Various Artists - Stepping Up