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The Living Tradition Issue 58
Spiers & Boden
Keith Kendrick - Backbone Of The Old Albion
Scottish Boarders - Spreading Its Musical Heritage
Susana Seivane - Queen Of The Gaiteiras
Roy Harris - One More Go-round
Mary McPartlan - The Ridge Of The Mountain Ash
Heritage Collectors English & Scottish Popular Ballads - Exciting New Folk Song Resource
Mad For Trad, Billy Tear, Grey Larsen's Irish Tune Bank, The Ballad Series

Reviews - Issue Number 58

Xose Manuel Budino - Zume De Terra (Juice Of The land)
Coisir - On The Right Track
Colcannon - Dolphin Bay
Michael Rooney & June Mc Cormack - Draiocht Traditional Irish Music On Harp
Danu - Up in the Air
Decameron - Parabola Road
Maeve Donnelly & Peadar O'Loughlin - The Thing Itself
Mark Dowding - A Mom Like Harry
Sean O'Driscall & Larry Egan - The Kitchen Recording
Fairport Convention - Over The Next Hill
David Faulkner - English & Border Music for Pipes
Borders Young Fiddles - Borders Young Fiddles
Clive Gregson - Long Story Short
Bridget Guest & Roy Wilcock - Universal Chorus
Bridget Guest & Roy Wilcock - Evening Sun
Leon Hunt - Miles Apart
Keep It Up - On Safari
Bagad Kemper - Sud-Ar Su
kerfuffle - K2
Rona Lightfoot - Eadarainn
Jez Lowe & The Bad Pennies - Doolally
Farquhar Macdonald - The Ghost Shirt
Chris While & Kellie While - Chris And Kellie While
Simon Mayor & Hilary James - Laughing At The Moon
McDermott's 2 Hours v Levellers - Disorder
Brian McNamara - Fort Of The Jewels
Mary McPartlan - The Holland Handkerchief
Sweeney's Men - The Legend Of Sneeney's Men
Dick Miles & Friends - Around The Harbour Town
Tiger Moth - Mothballs
Mozaik - Live From The Powerhouse
Mike Nicholson - Soundcheck
Planxty - After the Break
Leon Rosselson - Turning Silence Into Song
Mick Ryan & Pete Harris - Something to Show
Ron Shaw - Whirligig
Rod Shearman - The Rod Shearman Song Book
Mary Smith - Sgiath Airgid
Bram Taylor - The Night Is Young
Paul Anderson & Andy Thorburn - The Strathbogle Collection
Gordon Tyrrall - Drive Old Puss Away
Uiscedwr - Everywhere
Various Artists - Scottish Tradition Vol 21 - Orkney
Stephen J Wood - More Scottish Piano Contemporary Arrange