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The Living Tradition Issue 71

Winter Traditions -Songs and traditions of Mid-Winter written by Nigel Schofield. Guitar Maestros - a DVD series giving an extraordinary insight into many top guitar players. Mary Smith - The singer from ' the singing island' of Lewis. Baring Gould Festival - Photo feature of one of Britain's newer traditional music festivals. Rachel Hair - Graduate of Strathclyde University starting a career in traditional music. Con 'Fada' O'Drisceoil - writer of many witty songs and stories. Fiddle Renaissance - Paul Anderson - passionate about the regional fiddle styles in Scotland. The Queensbury Rules - progress from the latest signing for Fellside Recordings. The Tom Bliss Folksong Workblook - Part 3 in Tom's songwriting workshop 'book' / 'blog'.

Plus... Session Index, Letters, Live Reviews and all the latest news and CD reviews from the World of Traditional Music.

Reviews - Issue Number 71

Steve Ashley - Steve Ashley - Live In Concert
Bagad Kemper - Collection
Bannal - Bho Dhorn Gu Dom
Bob & Gill Berry - Bitter Sweet
Bodega - Bodega
Dale Ann Bradley - Catch Tomorrow
Paul Brock & Enda Scahill - Humdinger
Aly Bain & Phil Cunningham - Roads Not Travelled
Jennifer Cutting's Ocean Orchestra - Ocean (Songs for the Night sea Journey)
Paul & Liz Davenport - Under the Leaves
Devil's Interval - Blood & Honey
Kris Drever - Black Water
The Dubliners - Too late to Stop Now
Tim Van Eyken - Stiffs, Lovers, Holymen, Thieves
Ffynnon - Adar Gwylltion
Catherine Fraser & Duncan Smith - Unity
Rachel Hair - Hubcaps & Potholes
The Halliard - The Last Goodnight
Nic Jones - Game Set & Match
John Kirkpatrick - Carolling & Crumpets
Barry Lister - Ghosts and Greasepaint
Fiona Mackenzie - Orain Nan Rosach
Donal Maguire - Michael Davitt - The Forgotten hero
Dave Mallinson - Easy Peasy Tunes BOOK
Dave Mallinson - Easy Peasy Tunes CD
Mark Mawby - Water Rising
The McCalmans - Peace & Plenty
Sandy Meldrum - Scottish Piano Fusion
Shona Kipling & Damien O'Kane - Box On
Niamh Parsons - The Old Simplicity
Roughshod - Horseplay
Mick Ryan & Pete Harris - The Island of Apples
Salsa Celtica - El Camino
Skipinnish - The Sound of the Summer
Ron Taylor & Geoff Gillet - Both Shine as One
Teada - Inne & Amarach
Trebuchet - Salvo
Larry Unger & Eden McAdam-Somer - Notorious
Various Artists - MidWinter
Various Artists - This Is Folk
Rachel Walker - Fon Reul-Sholus
Waterson:Carthy - Holy Heathens & The Old Green Man
Wendy Weatherby - Sunset Song
Dave Webber & Anni Fentiman - Unity ;