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SOUND JUDGMENT 'Reader Reviews'

We are introducing a new feature to the Living Tradition magazine to give our readers a chance to tell us what they think about the music they listen to. Not everyone can have the wealth of musical knowledge or the writing ability required to become an 'expert' CD reviewer, but everyone knows what they like and has an opinion on they music they hear. If you have a bought a CD on the back of reading about it in The Living Tradition, we want to know your thoughts. Alternatively, you can write about the old vinyl LP which you bought 35 years ago and still play regularly, or even the undiscovered artist that you heard play at your folk club and bought the CD. If you judge the music is relevant to the Living Tradition, tell us about it, good, bad or indifferent.

Reviews should be kept to around 80-100 words and The Living Tradition reserves the right to edit the reviews. Please remember we are here to promote the music, so constructive criticism only please.