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PADDY CARTY "Traditional Irish Music" Shanachie 34017

On this CD Paddy Carty plays flute music in the lovely style of his native County Galway. His command of his instrument combined with his exceptional breath control make this one of the finest recordings of traditional flute music I have heard. The music is clear, sharp, relaxed but above all flowing. The notes state the knowledgeable musicians refer to this as "The Carty Flow". This exceptional smoothness is the result of Paddy Carty's ability to play lengthy passages of music on one breath together with his kill to taking breath at natural and therefore unobtrusive points in the music. The music is played with deceptive ease, master musicians always, make it sound easy don't they? but should be listened to with a little care for full appreciation and pleasure.

The other musician featured on this CD is banjo player Mick O'Connor who provides spot on accompaniment, shares one duet and plays one banjo solo.

Although it is not stated, I think this is a CD re-issue of an LP issued by Shanachie in the 1970s. The playing time of under thirty-six minutes would seem to confirm this, whether or not it's fine music.

Danny Saunders

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