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CALASAIG "Until Then" Bellcraig Records BKDCD101

Calasaig, on this recording, bring together the multi-instrumental and vocal talents of Keith Easdale, Kirsten Easdale and Keith Johnston, and here they present a combination of mostly traditional material, complemented by some self-penned numbers, which gives us a collection of familiar and newer tracks. Among these newer ones are examples of Keith Easdale's ability to compose tricky pipe tunes such as The Debatable Land/Waste of Time set.

Instruments abound, with pipes, whistles, guitar, concertina, mandocello, fiddle, melodeon, bodhran and accordion all in there, to add to the overall feel. If anything there is a touch of over-arrangement on a couple of tracks, but the balance is about right overall.

Two of the songs made me do a double take, however. The phrasing of "Whistle Oer the Lave O't" is a bit whimsical, and the battle sounds background in the middle of "Stirling Brig" distracted me a little bit from the storyline. These personal whims aside, the CD reflects the development of their musical styles and I am sure it will sell well during the band's upcoming tour.

Gordon Power

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