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LARRY UNGER & GINNY SNOWE "Waltz Time" Black Socks BLACK18

Larry Unger is, primarily, a blues guitarist and old time banjo player. He is inspired by the waltzes of Scot Joplin, Fats Waller, Dewey Balfa and Jimmie Rodgers, and has produced a CD comprising 18 of his own waltzes. As he points out in the notes, these can vary from sweet to sassy, passionate to corny, and occasionally that is the case here. Most of the time though they are quite beautiful. Just right for those lazy summer days!!!

Ginnie Snowe provides the rhythm section using piano or accordion. Four fiddlers are used - quite why I'm not sure as only on one track do two play at once - giving us some lovely floating melodies. All are in the traditional old time style, so much so they seem familiar rather than new.

I think this is a good CD, but I'm not sure. Somehow there seems to be something missing, again I'm unsure what it is. I can't fault the playing, the arrangements are OK, the recording is fine and the sleeve notes are interesting. But there's something that I can't put my finger on - maybe it's just a bit too 'nice'. My wife likes it though, and if you want an original waltz tune or two (or eighteen!!) then try this for size.

One thing though, he surely can't be serious with the one where he sings?

Dave Beeby

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