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BEWARE OF THE DOG "Beware of the Dog" BOTD01

Gino Lupari's presence explains the dog reference, and here the mighty bodhran player is joined by Dick Smith on 5-string banjo, Danny Collier on fiddle, Brian Mullen on cello, and John Cunliffe on guitar, with two lead and two backing vocals.

And what a combination they provide on this far-too-short CD. The self-penned songs are carried along well by the instruments and combine elements of country, American west coast and traditional influences. All of the singers use their voices to good effect to make you want to listen to the stories being told.

The instrumental sets, mixtures of traditional and traditional-style, fairly blister along, with bags of drive and vitality, leaving you wanting more. Which is the only problem here - why bring out this twenty-eight minute CD when the quality's so good that any listener will want more? Whatever the reason, Beware of the Dog are out the kennel, they've got teeth, and once you've been bitten you'll be frothing at the mouth for more!

Gordon Potter

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This album was reviewed in Issue 30 of The Living Tradition magazine.