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SKIP GORMAN "A Greener Prairie" Rounder CD 0329

One of the early members of The Deseret String Band, Skip Gorman is an acoumplished player of mandolin, fiddle and guitar. Jimmie Rodgers' songs and music were an early influence, as were old 78 rpm. recordings of cowboy singers like Carl Sprague and Powder River Jack Lee. The collection of music and song to be heard here is from the American great west and, is of cowboys and their times. Played at a measured pace on a sweet fiddle and sang with an authentic drawl and a smooth yodel.

Men of a certain age, and I must include myself in this group, grew up seeing themselves as cowboys. Cinema, television, books and comics fired the imagination. With a Chad Valley silvered gun, a 1d. roll of caps and a han'kie tied round the neck, we were that stranger who just rode into town. In many ways the history and culture of the American West is part of ours. This recording from Skip Gorman is an opportunity to indulge again. In a more adult, and grown up way, of course.

There is much information and scene setting in the accoumpaning notes regarding the tracks, with sources as varied and picturesque as, The Montana Stock Growers Journal, Jess Morris from the XIT Ranch, The Golden Girls of the West, who were from Illinois but claimed to be from Muleshoe, Texas, for promotional purposes and, the "Night Herding Song", written by Harry R. Stephens while wrangling horses in Wyoming and sent to song collector, John Lomax in 1909. A sense of time, place and insight is also conveyed with the songs "Blue Mountain", "Here's to Texas Rangers", "Old Paint", "When the Work's all Done This Fall" and "The Yellow Rose of Texas", sang to a far more acceptable tune vairient, than the strident Hollywood version. Cowboy styled music both traditional and written by Skip Gorman himself is included, all played with a swing and a lilt from the band, on piano, banjo, harmonica, dobro, fiddle and guitar.

Peter Fairbairn.

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