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SEIZE THE DAY "It's Your Life ... It's Our World" Wildwood Records CD19801

Perhaps the greatest benefit of being a record reviewer is the occasional gem that falls from out of nowhere into your lap. I'd never heard of "Seize the Day" and something about the packaging brought on a curmudgeonly wince in anticipation of some New Age pseudo wisdom.

Was I ever wrong - this album delivers ... in spades. At times hard edged as in the opener "Bigger, Better, Brighter" which challenges the "brighter, bolder bullshit" of consumerism a la Leon Rosselson, at other moving and tender as in "I Miss You/Song for Carol", its witty, acerbic and never less than excellently sung and played with fresh and thoughtful arrangements, whose apparent naturalness belies their intelligence that underpins them. I've already said this but repeat it for emphasis - the singing is outstanding with a male and female vocalist, outstanding on solo outings and superb on joined efforts such as the "High Hills Lament". I'd love to see them live - unreservedly recommended.

Hector Christie

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This album was reviewed in Issue 32 of The Living Tradition magazine.