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ANY OLD TIME STRING BAND "I Bid You Goodnight" Arhoolie CD 433

Bidding you goodnight are two versions of Any old Time String Band, in this compilation of their 1978 and 1980 Arhoolie recordings. Featuring the talents of, Valerie Mindel, Susie Rothfield, Sue Draheim, Genny Haley, Kate Brislin and Barbara Montoro, with some help from Frank Hicks, Will Scarlett, Bill Napier and Don Slovin. A diverse cross section of American musical styles and material including, traditional, blues, string band, cajun, jazz and hits from the Twenties' and Thirties' were absorbed into the playing of Any Old Time. The resulting mixture manages to flow between cajun songs,"Valse De Orphelin" and "Ma Cher Bebe Creole", the Carter Family's, "Hello Stranger" and Bessie Smith's, "I've Got What it Takes" and "Lock and Key" and on to other songs sourced from Lottie Kimbrough, Balfa Brothers, Dolly and Millie Good, D. L. Menard, Ma Rainey, Woody Guthrie and Bing Crosby.

Some group members may be better known in the UK than others. Kate Brislin has toured and recorded with Jody Stecher, while Susie Rothfield toured as a duo with Eric Thompson and as part of the Folkworks Fiddles on Fire series. The underlying warmth and hint of humour sets of much off the material and this combined with the fine playing and spirited singing make this an uplifting and entertaining CD.

Peter Fairbairn

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