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JIMMY CROWLEY - "My Love is A Tall Ship" - Free State Records CD Cro. 006

Jimmy Crowley is well-known and well-loved as a traditional singer of no mean standard and as a trenchant wit, albeit with a Cork accent that takes some acclimatisation to fully comprehend!

This re-issued CD sees an altogether more introspective side to his character, containing twelve self-penned tracks, most of which tend towards topics to make you reflect on life, rather than Jimmy's more usual approach of seeing a funny side to most situations although that aspect of his songwriting is here too, with the likes of "I knew ye when you were nothin'!", which shows that it's not just us Scots that can have the "him, I kent his faither" mentality.

Personally, I found that the tracks are a bit over-arranged and that the quality of the writing would have been enough on its own to have stood up to a simpler presentation, but this is still a good example of the more serious side of the man, whose full range of styles is best experienced live.

Gordon Potter

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