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Tannahill Weavers - Choice Cuts
LIZ DOHERTY - "Last Orders" - Foot Stompin' Records CDFSR1702

Crisper than a ten Euro note, more bounce than a basketball on the moon, and racier than the nudist olympics: even with all the recent Irish fiddle releases, this recording is outstanding.

Liz Doherty comes from the Donegal tradition, and has also mastered Cape Breton music. Formerly with Nomos, and now a member of The Bumblebees, she is one of Ireland's finest young fiddlers. On her solo debut CD, Liz is joined by guitarists Ian Carr and Tony McManus, pianist Ryan MacNeil, Gino Lupari on bodhran, and fellow fiddler Clare McLaughlin. The accompaniment is never overpowering, and there is one true solo set, but the Cape Breton piano and jazzy guitar give most tracks a very upbeat feel. Despite (or perhaps because of) the absence of any slow tunes, the 52 minutes simply fly by.

Liz has an excellent ear for a good tune, and her material comes from all over Ireland and Scotland. There's also a fair helping of North American tunes. New compositions outweigh the older material, but the mixture works well and most of these tunes will stand the test of time.

My favourite tracks are the opening and closing sets of reels, the penultimate set of Cape Breton flavoured reels, and the title track of slightly slower reels. There are a lot of reels.

Alex Monaghan

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