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VARIOUS ARTISTS "Fast and Furious" CDFSR1705

I really don't know about this. It is a sampler showcasing music from the excellent Tartan Tapes and Footstompin' Records catalogue. It claims to be traditional music for the modern generation, defining generation as 30 years, and has been compiled by Simon Thoumire.

Artists featured include Fiddlesticks, Liz Doherty, Keep it Up, Birlin' Fiddles and the aforementioned Mr. Thoumire. The music varies between straight traditional fiddle-led music and what is described as trad/fusion (whatever that means!!!) Not all of it is to my taste and, unfortunately the Simon Thoumire track is awful---- but that's just my opinion. This is far outweighed by the other tracks especially the one with Russel Hunter, Eilidh Shaw, Simon Bradley and Angus Grant, and the excellent cMc.

There is a lot of interesting music here, but it lacks a real sense of identity-- something of a problem shared by many of this type of sampler. If the aim is to advertise CDs from this label then it works. However I'm not sure how commercially successful it will be. As I started off by saying, I'm not sure about this - maybe the problem is that I'm not fast or furious enough, or even part of the right modern generation!!!!!!

Dave Beeby

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This album was reviewed in Issue 41 of The Living Tradition magazine.