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Claire Mann "Claire Mann" Footstompin' Records CDFSR1712

Apart from Claire Mann's contributions on flutes, fiddle, tin whistle and vocal, other band members add bouzouki, guitar, electric bass, bodhran, with a guest appearance by Simon Thoumire on concertina. The overall result is a fairly full-blooded predominantly Irish workout with tracks like "Mrs Malaprop's Obsessed Island" (actually a medley of three tunes), making the listener feel as if they've walked into a skilled enjoyable pub session in full swing. I confess to not enjoying Claire's singing on "The Green Laurels", but she's much stronger on "Drinaun Dhun" which isn't simply good but also points to a vocal potential that will develop further.

It's not all Irish with the likes of the odd strathspey cropping up, along with "Morning at Bonny Doon" from the pen of a member of La Bottine Souriante. Tasty.

Hector Christie

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This album was reviewed in Issue 48 of The Living Tradition magazine.