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HOM BRU "Rowin Foula Doon" Lochshore CDLDL 1230

Readers with long memories may well remember Hom Bru on stage taking off the TV weather forecast by wearing a map of Shetland on their T-shirts with the rest of the UK in a box in the bottom corner.

At that time their main feature was the marvellous banjo/mandolin of Gary Peterson and on this new album it is still very much to the fore.

The reason I question the newness is that the sleeve lists the date as 1990 while the disc itself says 1995. Shurely shome mishtake?

There are 10 tracks, 4 of which are songs, but the instrumentals are the band's strong point with the standout being the "Huckleberry Hornpipe" set and "The Moving Cloud", in which Gary even manages to find different variations from Gerry O'Connor's.

If you'd like to see a photograph of the group, or even find out their first names, you'll search in vain, the only biographical note being "All Trad. Arr. Peterson/Henry/Miller/Spence/Pottinger".

Instrumentally it's a very good album, so come on Lochshore, I know your heart's in the right place but how about some credits?

Alan Brown

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