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You may know the name Hudson Swan. ALong with many others he had been a Tannahill Weaver, playing bouzouki with them for 6+ years before leaving to pursue alternative careers. The Hudson Swan Band was formed two or three years ago and "Flyte of Fancy" is their second CD. It marks a dramatic change in direction for the band and a move closer to the sound originally envisaged by Hudson at its inception.

Their line up remains unchanged with Hudson on fiddle, bouzouki, guitar, bass and synthesizer, Sue Swan on vocals, Stevie Lawrence on percussion, whistle and electric bouzouki, Tony Howard on guitar and Lindsey Hunt on flute, piano and synthesizer, plus a generous handful of guests.

The title track and four others are Hudson Swan tunes, the remainder being traditional songs and tunes arranged by the band, and one new song "Black Fox" by Graham Pratt, a hunting song in the traditional idiom. Sue Swan admirable does justice to her well-chosen material, in particular "Are You Going to Leave Me?" and "Danny Dannielle". Her voice, while not remarkable, has a beguiling quality which makes attractive listening. Musically, the arrangements hand together well and the overall effect is smooth and seamless. "Flyte of Fancy" should prove to be a useful addition to the Hudson Swan Band's collection of work.

Carole Baker

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