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Recorded live in 1995 at the Eigse Na Laoi in Cork and featuring some of the best traditional players around today. Including fiddle players Alisdair Fraser, Martin Hayes, Brendan McGlinchey and Pierre Schryer, Brendan Power on harmonica, Karen Tweed and Andy Cutting on accordions, Hamish Moore on Scottish small pipes ... the list goes on.

The quality of performance from all the musicians can't be faulted, however, this is very much a "live" recording - down to almost constant foot tapping form the stage - this way or may not add to your enjoyment. Personally, I found it to be extremely irritating and surely something could have been done to remove some of this before release. Also in "The Last Chance" set, was it really necessary to have hard stereo panning to follow Patrick Molard as he moved around the stage? It had the effect to making you lean from side to side in an effort to follow him!

As a "sampler" source it is excellent, with extremely informative notes on the artistes featured and is an important record of the event, however, the quality of recording may mar your enjoyment of what was a fantastic concert series.

John Weatherby

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