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STEPHEN QUIGG - "Voice Of My Island" Greentrax CDTRAX066

The sleeve notes to this recording don't tell us much about Stephen Quigg other than the fact that he has toured extensively with his favourite group, The McCalmans, and that the album was co-produced by Ian McCalman, Nick Keir and Stephen himself. The result is an album all too similar to the McCalmans in style which could have benefitted from a different producer. Fresh ears are critical in the studio.

Stephen has a strong voice and a competent if somewhat rigid guitar style, but too many of the songs have a lack of 'soul'. Brian McNeill's song 'Strong Women Rule Us All With Their Tears' is a narrative song which needs a skill in presentation akin to that of a storyteller and 'The Last Leviathan', great song as it is, needs some passion in the performance.

It's a big step from the folk club, where live interaction with an audience is all important, to the recording studio. There is plenty in this recording to show that Stephen has the potential but I would suggest he needs to listen to some source singers to ally some of their passion to his vocal qualities.

John Muirhead

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