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GORDEANNA McCULLOCH - "In Freenships Name" - Greentrax CDTRAX123

Two albums from Gordeanna McCulloch in a short space of time. Things are looking up! This one follows the recent Fellside re-issue from her Topic/Clutha era. It gives us the Gordeanna McCulloch of today, happily at home among some great Scots songs, all traditional but one, "The Bawbee Birlin", by Rod Paterson & Michael Marra.

Gordeanna can sing. She really can. Her voice is a strong, sweet, and flexible instrument, wide of range and capable of a variety of tones. She can produce a pure, crystal clear sound, and she can broaden or harden the timbre whenever the songs calls for it - a work of a true singer - one who gets inside her song the better to sing it out. On this album she is in full control of that glittering voice, making it shine in the service of the story she is telling.

William Jackson, Brian Miller, Stuart Morrison, Dougie Pincock and Charlie Soane add good instrumental work but it's the McCulloch voice and style that makes this album a stand-out. It's certain to please her existing "freens" and will no doubt gain her many new ones. My only grip is that a glossary would have been useful. But then, I am a sassenach after all. Lovely!

Roy Harris

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