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BRENDAN POWER - "Brendan Power Plays the Music from Riverdance"
Greentrax CDTRAX135

By anyone's estimation Riverdance is and has been a huge success. Packed theatres, TV shows, tapes and CDs, fame and fortune for some and steady work for others, a touch of controversy and the hint of stories yet to be told. Riverdance has also brought to a large new audience, the first sight, sound and flavour of Irish Dance and music. Among the many fine musicians who "sat in" providing the music was Brendan Power.

Brendan Power's playing of the harmonica and his individualistic style and rule-nothing-out approach to traditional music has created something of a stir, setting him at the top of the "must hear live" list for many. On this recording Brendan Power and a handful of fellow Riverdance band members run through Bill Whelan's compositions one more time.

This time though interpreting the music in a way that allows "some scope for improvisation", included are, "Women of the Sidhe", "Reel Around the Sun", "American Wake" and of course "Riverdance". One of the highlights of this recording is in the combination of the harmonica and piano and keyboard playing of Geoff Castle, which goes a long way toward retaining a sense of the movement and liveliness of the show. However, a touch of the hard shoe, in some places, would have helped provide that extra kick.

Peter Fairbairn

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