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BRUHUHAHO "Mac Umba" Greentrax CDTRAX 161

Although the once strait laced Great Highland Bagpipe now plays fast and loose with just about anyone who has the price of a dram, few could have envisaged its liaison with such well know "Celtic" instruments as the "chocalhos", "agogo and the "Bincym". Yet the boys and girls of Mac Umba clearly thought marrying the GHB to these South American instruments would be worth trying and they were right. The thousand or so punters who bought their first CD from ONE store in Austin Texas clearly thought so too. "BruHuhaho" has the same mix of piping and the Brazilian macumba rhythm as "Don't hold your breath". That "mix" is a quite phenomenal blend of well known tunes such as "Brenda Stubberts Reel" and Mary Ann MacKinnon's "Steam Train to Mallaig" with a strong percussive beat and some of the most bizarre noises to appear on any CD (some of them coming from the GHB - intentionally I think!) The result is an infectious hypnotic CD that begs to be played loud and proud. This is the kind of CD which reveals itself in layers at first it is the groovy beat which hooks you, then the piping, then slowly all the quirky bits and pieces the band have tucked away in the corners.

"Don't hold your breath" was good. This is better.

Chris MacKenzie

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This album was reviewed in Issue 34 of The Living Tradition magazine.