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Clo Iar-Chonnachta CICD142

Right from the very first tunes, "James McMahon's jig" and "Paddy Mullins' jig", this recording sets off on a graceful and involving journey through some exceptionally fine sets of jigs, hornpipes, reels and waltzes, making time along the way for a couple of reflective slow airs.

Charlie Piggott was one of the founder members of De Dannan, the first in a line of many gifted button box players to be associated over the years with this much-admired band. Charlie Piggott also played and recorded with Miriam Collins and Joe Corcoran in The Lonely Stranded Band. Fiddle player, Gerry Harrington is from Kenmare, Co. Kerry and early influences were the likes of Connie O'Connell and Dennis McMahon. During the eighties he lived for some time in Chicago where he mixed and played with local musicians including Johnny McGeevy and Liz Carroll. Accompanying Gerry and Charlie along "The New Road" on various tracks are, Sean O' Loingsigh on bouzouki, Johnny "Ringo" McDonagh on bodhran and Eugene Kelly on piano. All tracks are mention-worthy, but of particular merit are the set of marches, "The Battle of Aughrim / Napoleon Crossing the Alps", the slow air, "Lament for Lugh Darcy", and the reels, "The New Road / The Old Man's Blackthorn Stick".

Although the material is mainly the music of the dance - jigs, reels and hornpipes - the style of the performance is more revealing about the nature and soul of the music and the musicians. The playing is from the heart of the tune, never hurried; never sold short, generous and good humoured.

Peter Fairbairn

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