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SUSANA SEIVANE "Do/Fol Edicions" DF015CD

I'm wild about this and may fail to stand back from it sufficiently to give it a very erudite review. Susan Seivane is a 23-year-old Spanish woman born into a prestigious piping family who began training at 3-years-old and a year later was given a specially made bagpipe by her grandfather and father.

She has served an illustrious apprenticeship with a number of bands, played solo at a number of festivals, steadily gaining a reputation as a brilliant piper, till as the sleeve notes say "she arrived at her maturity".

She certainly looks mas joven than her age (about 18 I'd have guessed from her picture) which helps to stun the listener given the guts and polish of her playing. It speaks much of her reputation that four musicians from the wonderful "Milladoiro" play on this rich and varied album.

I particularly liked the self composed "Sabelina" a rumba dedicated to her friend of that name which kicks along in great fashion with accordion, bouzouki, bass guitar and violin all adding to the rich tapestry; the stately processed march which follows is no less riveting; the opening track builds with the bouzouki leading accordion, guitar and bass, then smack - Susana leaps into the fray giving it life and drive; on the waltz "Taramundi" she wails melodramatically (here playing, variously bagpipes in C, bass drum and tambourine). The boys from Milladorio are well to the fore on "Paracorredoiras de Ponteareas" and as usual are tasteful and sensitive providing excellent companeros to Susana as they romp through the different parts. Sonia Lebedynski is much more than a competent singer and enthralls on "Alala de Vilaba", and on "Maneo" where Susana with no mean voice herself takes backing vocal.

The album is magic and me gusta mucho, y ojala ver Susana y Milladorio detro de paco and if I was in the business of running festivals, I'd be reaching for the phone book now.

Hector Christie

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