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The Daisy Label DLCD003

Homecoming queen Sharon wows crowds at the Warwick Hotel and gets cheered to the rafters. Well, she would, wouldn't she? Surely every performer can feel from time to time that playing back home allows them to relax a bit and just go for it. And that's what we get - tight, exciting playing, irrepressible enthusiasm and the type of audience reaction that allows players and listeners to feed off each other.

The Woodchoppers, in addition to Sharon on accordion, fiddle and whistle, are sister Mary on mandolin, banjo and fiddle; Lloyd Byrne, drums and percussion; Ronnie O'Flynn, Bass; Jim Murray, guitar, Liz Kane, fiddle; and Yvonne Kane, fiddle. A compact sound, full of verve and energy, all take turns to be the powerhouse. Most of the sets are, as you would expect, taken from Sharon's existing repertoire, with sets such as The Bungee Jumpers from the earlier days, and Diamond Mountain from the eponymous last album. There are some that I've not heard recorded before, but you'll have to buy this to find out what they are!

To summarise, this is just under an hour's worth of infectious good-time music, with a guaranteed feel-good factor that will make you want to play the whole thing over again and again.

Gordon Potter

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This album was reviewed in Issue 48 of The Living Tradition magazine.