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EILEEN McGANN "Heritage" Dragonwing Music DRGN005

What is it about women singers on the other side of the pond that makes them find something fresh in our traditional songs? Sylvia Herold has the knack and in this impressive album Eileen McGann shows that she, too, can unearth new charm in age-old songs. McGann has a crystal-clear voice with diction to match. Perhaps what sets her apart, though, is her ability to target lyrics intelligently while allowing the rhythm of the verse to look after itself. "The Beltane" is one such, with the chorus, even on its eighth repeat, still fuelling new images. Backed by first-class occasional musicians, including the incredible Steafan Hannigan in uilleann pipes, this is a well produced album. Altogether a fine work.

Fred Redwood

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This album was reviewed in Issue 23 of The Living Tradition magazine.