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THE MUSIC MAKARS "Jig for Joy" Music Makars EWO-002

Designed for Scottish Dance Music this CD will come as a bit of a culture shock to those folk weaned on more usual Scottish Country Dance Band line-ups which often are heavily dominated by rhythm instruments.

Here the arrangements are much more gentle(genteel?) and I found them to be quite reminiscent of a Playford style of dancing, in fact when dancing jigs and reels to the CD, I found myself reverting to the Playford style of steps, both for travelling and setting - the music seems to be telling you to dance in that manner.

For me the jigs and reels need a bit more oomph although the strathspeys flow nicely. If you like your Scottish Dance Music in a more Playford style setting, or dance Playford and want a alternative set of tunes then this could be a CD to buy.

Bob Blair

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This album was reviewed in Issue 29 of The Living Tradition magazine.