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SANDRA & NANCY KERR "Neat and Complete" Fellside FECD107

As far as I am aware, "Neat and Complete", is the first album featuring the mother and daughter partnership of Sandra and Nancy Kerr. Neither performers of course, are strangers to recording and studio work as both featured and "session" musicians.

The two women work well together on these recordings, which are not all soft, frilly and genteel. There is a measure of attack and a general tone of high spirits, running through much of the album. Not quite "women behaving badly", but keep your hand on your loose change just the same. Nice breezy sets of tunes with fiddle, guitar and concertina. The sets including the self-penned, "David Malone's/James Fagan's", from Nancy and, "The Welcome Home/Saucy Nancy", from Sandra. The songs are all based in the tradition, with "The Great Silkie", "Maid on the Shore", "The Shoe Maker" and "Jackie Munroe" and include sparkling solo and duet performances.

Sandra and Nancy Kerr sing and play material they understand and enjoy and can transmit this enjoyment through their playing. "Neat and complete", is a refreshing change and far superior to all the witless vocalising and muddy mixes of transcontinental muzacs, masquerading these days as folk music.

Peter Fairbairn

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This album was reviewed in Issue 18 of The Living Tradition magazine.