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KEITH KENDRICK - "Home Ground" - Fellside FECD118

Buses and daffodils, it would seem, aren't the only things to arrive in bunches. After weeks of listening to fine instrumentalists and bands with hardly a singer between them, an early spring or the changing of the clocks seems to have brought out the best in a host of singers. Keith Kendrick with his new CD, "Home Ground" being amongst the best.

Most of Keith Kendrick's recorded work has been on cassettes, some of which will still be available, although in the early seventys he made a couple of records with The Druids. On this CD he is joined on some tracks with long time singing acquaintances Barry Coope and Jim Boyes. Also included in the mix are Lester Simpson, Jo Freya, Fi Frazer, Brad Holland and Chris Coe.

Keith Kendrick is an exceptionally fine singer and an equally adept concertina player of both the English and Anglo systems. He can also pick out a good song and is not afraid to shape or rework material. Some of the songs are well enough known, "Ball o' Yarn", "Jack the Jolly Tar" or "The Life of a Man" but a lift in the arrangement or a twist in the tune refreshes the re-telling of the tail. From something pretty close to a skiffle version of "Died for Love" to the spiritual, "The Last Time" or from the Shaker Hymn, "The Humble Heart" to Ian Robb's "There Taking it Away", the voice equal to the task in hand.

Peter Fairbairn

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