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PEGGY SEEGER & IRENE SCOTT "Almost Commercially Viable"
Fellside FECD130

This is a re-release, by Fellside, of a CD by the same name on Golden Egg Productions. It features seventeen songs, eleven sung by Peggy Seeger and six by Irene Scott, and the songs with four exceptions are mostly written by Peggy.

There's a whole raft of supporting musicians playing an assortment of instruments including, what for some may come as a surprise, Peggy playing the piano. As always when Peggy is involved in musical arrangements, the accompaniments are designed to support but never intrude on the songs. Peggy Seeger's singing grows on you. Some folk don't take to it at first hearing, but give it a chance, and you'll experience on of life's pleasures and you'll return to her songs time and time again.

On this CD Peggy shows the versatility of her voice, sometimes moving quite far from the traditional song styles for which she is better known - an intriguing development. Irene Scott's singing is much more straightforward than Peggy Seeger's and the contrast is not always favourable, but the CD is a representative sample oft their act when they perform as a duo.

On a recent tour of the UK I heard Peggy say that she always returned sooner or later to the traditional songs and the inclusion of one or two traditional songs could have made this CD more "commercially viable," but it's worth the money for two of Peggy's tracks namely: New Spring Morning and Once Again.

Bob Blair

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