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BUZ COLLINS "Water and Rain" Fellside FECD139

I always reckon that any release on the Fellside is worth a good long listen. Most don't disappoint and this is no exception. Buz Collins shows himself to be no bad songwriter, with an eye for an interesting story and a guitar player whose style is fairly original. Much of his material draws from his life on the canals "Maid in England" being one of the best, whilst "London to Birmingham in 4 1/2 minutes" is just that a song lasting 4 1/2 minutes about travelling the canals from London to Birmingham. There's even a railway song - what more can you ask for?

There is a feeling of power in his voice, something that is missing on a couple of tracks where the voice is mixed too far back.

Buz Collins certainly is an emerging talent as this CD shows. Give it a try I don't think you will be disappointed. What else was it that I wanted to say? Oh yes - Buz's mum is the wonderful Dolly Collins and his aunt is Shirley so it is not just the Watersons who can produce talented offspring.

Dave Beeby

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