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MAD PUDDING "Grand Hotel" - Fellside FECD149

Here, exclusively for "Living Tradition" readers, is the authentic recipe for one of the finest dishes to come out of Canada; Mad Pudding.

For the base: take the traditional music of these islands, remove to the New World and allow to mix and mature in the chiller for a century or two. Sprinkle with essence of Brazil, Persia, and France.

For the filling: carefully build layer upon sumptuous layer of guitar, bass, drums, accordion, fiddle, whistle and piano. Add some fine contemporary writing, and when the dish is full season with a dash of Leonard Cohen, a pinch of Brahms, and a Soupçon of Copeland. Wrap in the Mason's apron and leave to set.

Western Canadian cuisine is possibly less familiar to the British palate than the popular dishes of Cape Breton, but is surely in no way inferior. This fine repast is best served alfresco, accompanied by copious quantities of draught beer, shared with friends at festivals. However, thanks to Fellside, it is now available for home consumption at your own convenience. Gourmets amongst you may possibly consider that the latter version is ever so slightly overcooked and underspiced in comparison, but you will dine on nothing finer this year.

Health fact: due to Mad Pudding having an innate ability to bring about dancing amongst those partaking of it, it is unique in the world of puddings in that the more you sample it the more weight you will lose!


Steve Ingham

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