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TRYCKSTER "When the Stone is Exposed" Fellside FECD150

The spelling of the band's name; the cover photo; the track titles; the well-intentioned lyrics printed in the accompanying booklet and the references in the notes to (among others) Robert Graves, George Orwell's "Animal Farm" and Alfred Watkins "The Old Straight Track" gives you a good idea of what to expect from this CD before you play it. However, none of the above give you any clue of how good the music is.

The six members of Tryckster are a talented bunch who between them play guitar, flute, bouzouki, fiddle, bass and drums as well as providing good vocals. They produce a nice uncomplicated sound with fairly intricate but not fussy arrangements of mostly self-penned material, on a variety of topical themes. There are also a couple of traditional tunes included which are well played.

'When the Stone is Exposed' is a well produced, nicely packaged CD that gives just under one hour of very thoughtful music.

Danny Saunders

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This album was reviewed in Issue 39 of The Living Tradition magazine.