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The Border Country Dance Band - The Border Fiddler

Geoff Purvis on fiddle, Alan Coulson on accordion and Robin Wilson on drums were the original Border Country Dance Band. Robin Wilson was replaced by Ian Murray on the later recordings. With guest appearances on some tracks by Terry Docherty on guitar and Ron Purvis on fiddle they produced two fine LPs in the '70s. All the items on this CD are re-issued from these two albums. Tracks one to thirteen are in fact the entire album issued in 1977 under the title "The Border Fiddler" while tracks fourteen to twenty-one are a selection from "The Border Country Dance Band", the second album issued in 1978.

All the music on this CD is technically excellent, sharp, clear, lively and played with obvious enthusiasm. The first thirteen tracks are the more varied, featuring not only selections by the full band but five very fine tracks of fiddle/guitar duets, which show Geoff Purvis to be a very accomplished fiddler and Terry Docherty a sympathetic accompanist. Further variation is achieved over the seventy-two and a half minutes of playing time by the great mix of tunes, over fifty in all.

If you like well played Country Dance Music, or even if you think you don't, give this well performed, well produced and very enjoyable CD a listen.

Danny Saunders

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This album was reviewed in Issue 25 of The Living Tradition magazine.