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An important release this, from two of the major stars of the folk circuit in whom the future of the tradition is placed firmly. They are also two of the busiest with at least three current albums available - on Roy Bailey's excellent new album, as part of "Swap" and this, their follow up to their beautiful "Ssh". And what a cracker it is. You expect musicianship of the highest quality from these two but you get much more. There's the calm sensitivity of Karen Tweed's accordion playing, sensual dreamlike and Ian Carr's innovative guitar style. We tend to forget that Ian is one of the best backing guitarists there is.

"Ssh" was a good album but this shows how they have matured in the years since, not just in their playing but in the arrangements and their choice of material. There's own compositions from Ian, there's trad. tracks arranged by the pair and music from others including, Joe Sarfield (Old Rope String Band) and Mary Macmaster (Sileas / Poozies). Listen to "Christmas" and you'd be sure its always been their track. For me the outstanding track is the shortest (not that the others are too long. I could, listen to them all night) "Lal", Lal Waterson's "The Altisidora" is just stunning - worth the money on its own.

So, this album is a must for anyone who likes music of the highest quality. Definitely a product us folkies can be proud of as coming from the music we know and love.

They've now got a problem though - how can they make another one after this? Hopefully they will though.

Dave Beeby

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This album was reviewed in Issue 23 of The Living Tradition magazine.