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WOLFSTONE "Seven" Green Linnet GLCD1198

Straight from the off it's all there. Thumping bass, big guitar chords, Rock and Roll drumming and of course the twin hendrixs of fiddle and pipe giving the unique Wolfstone sound. In full flow as in the opening "Psycho Woman" Wolfstone kick more ass than Rambo and Robocop put together and are tighter than Pamela Anderson's swimsuit. With the excellent "Quinie Fae Ryhnie" set and "Maggie's" set Wolfstone prove that when they really want to rock the joint they can do it at will. However, a full CD of full throttle ceilidh would be tough on the neck muscles of even the most ardent rocker so they do slow it down occasionally. "Jen's Tune" and the delightful "John Simmers" delicately played by Andy Simmers on piano provide a perfect foil to the hard rocking of the rest of the CD.

Then of course there are the songs and it's here that the absence of the Big man becomes apparent. Ivan Drever's absence might not make a huge difference to the Wolfstone sound in full flight but he defined the vocal sound of the band. Despite Ivan and Stuart Eaglesham sharing vocal duties over the last few albums, Ivan was the Wolfstone sound. Well he isn't anymore, Stuart has the floor, and he acquits himself well. As with all Wolfstone albums you can spot the songs that will endure "Wild and the Free" looks like the winner from this bunch.

With this album Wolfstone prove they are bigger than any one member and they "rock on".

Chris MacKenzie

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This album was reviewed in Issue 34 of The Living Tradition magazine.