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Tannahill Weavers - Choice Cuts
OLD BLIND DOGS - "The World's Room" - Green Linnet GLCD1201

New dogs, new tricks, new label. The names may have changed from the original line-up of the early Nineties but the Dogs' trademark acoustic sound and four-part harmonies lives on and this album will win them lots of new friends.

The Dogs still feature original members Jonny Hardie on fiddle and mandolin and Buzzby McMillan on fretless bass and low whistles and in the new line up they're joined by acclaimed singer/songwriter Jim Malcolm on lead vocals, Rory Campbell (from Deaf Shepherd) on whistle and pipes and Paul Jennings on percussion.

Add to that a change of management to the Belfast-based Angelic Upstarts agency and a new recording deal with Green Linnet and you can see why these Dogs are waiting to be unleashed on the public.

This album is a treat, following on easily from their previous five by combining a very tasty blend of acoustic instrumental music with some little-recorded but very traditional songs. Indeed, I can think of few bands in Scotland who would even consider releasing an album with so many traditional songs done in such a traditional manner.

Highlights? Possibly a beautiful version of "Mill o' Tifty" but there are several more. Moving to Green Linnet will open up a whole new market for Old Blind Dogs and further successes await them. Recommended.

Alan McIntosh Brown

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